School Supply Lists

Suggested Supply List

The items below are requested for all students in grades 6th – 8th since students will not be sharing supplies due to the pandemic.  These supplies will be used over the entire year and will need to be replenished as needed.

  • Notebook paper (college-ruled)
  • #2 wooden pencils 
  • Pens (blue or black ink when submitting assignments)
  • Pencil pouch
  • Pencil Sharpener (that will hold shavings)
  • Colored pencils or crayons and markers
  • Ruler that can be kept in the pouch or their notebook
  • 3-ring notebooks (1-2 inches wide) with dividers and pockets to hold handouts and returned work
  • Glue sticks
  • Highlighters
  • Hand sanitizer for personal use
  • Pocket-sized tissue (especially during the cold weather)
  • bookbag (lockers will not be used this year to minimize contact)
  • masks
  • headsets/earbuds
  • composition notebooks (college-ruled)




Two 3-subject spiral bound notebooks (one for each semester)

2 Composition notebooks

Graph paper (with 1/4 inch squares per inch)

Twelve #2 wooden pencils in pencil pouch. No pens!!

TI 30 Calculator


2 Composition notebooks (black and white non-spiral for in-class journal)

Note cards (2 packs of the same size, 1 white and 1 color)


Composition notebook or spiral notebook


Ink pens, black or blue ink, and a red ink pen

Disinfecting wipes/Baby wipes

Paper towels

Composition notebooks

Spiral notebooks


Colored pencils or Crayons Only

WISH LIST for Home Room:  These are items teachers use lots of every year!  We appreciate your donations! Facial tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer, all-purpose spray cleaners, disinfecting wipes, #2 pencils, black dry erase markers, ream of white copy paper.

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